Kathy Borys Siddiqui

Kathy Borys Siddiqui is very passionate about making cultural adjustment smoother for Expats
and their loved ones. She specialises in active workshops which raise cultural awareness, address
very important Expat topics such as: Emotional Resilience, Expat Expectations, Expat Identity,
Expat Guilt just to name a few.

Her focus is on overcoming challenges that Expats, Expat spouses
and partners can face in a new host country and therefore she concentrates on creating an active,
thriving and positive environment. She emphasises the fact that incoming Expat families are a unit
and Expat Spouses and Partners play a vital role in a successful relocation assignment or
international move. An International move is a team effort and all parties involved deserve
attention and assistance.

This passion stems from years of experience, Kathy grew up as a Cross Cultural Kid who by
choice became a re-pat and later an Expat. She has lived in Poland (twice), Germany, the United
States and currently resides in Denmark. Kathy knows what it is like to have a multicultural and
multilingual family – married to a Dane and being a Mom to a Cross Cultural daughter has this
family speaking 3 languages at home. Denmark became Kathy’s home in 2008, since then she
has studied in Denmark, lived on Fyn, in Jutland and on Sjælland, worked for a large company,
volunteered, started her business Active Action but through it all she has always worked with and
along side Internationals and Expats.

Kathy holds an MA in Cultural Studies as well as an MA in American Studies with focus on Female
Immigrant Literature. She has been actively involved in the International life in Denmark since
2010 and proud to be the creator of International Moms Group in the Triangle Region,
International Moms Group in Nordsjælland and co-founder of Nordsjælland Expat Community.

“My mission is to spread awareness, share the knowledge I have about the benefits of being an
active expat and assisting you. The sense of belonging, acceptance, purpose, contribution,
awareness and taking action are all vital to creating and sustaining thriving Expat experiences. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you as you start a new chapter of your life here in